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Learning how to write songs: the early years! (More about: Me, Part II)

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Music has allways played an important role in my family. I am one of the fortunate ones – my talent was handed down over generations. Yea! Thank you Grandfather Thomas Collins (a Baptist Minister and great Baritone, thank you Daddy Harold “Andy” Morgan (an incredible Tenor voice with a amazingly beautiful Vibrato), and to all the family members who sing, sang or sung!

Then there were the teachers who pushed me futher along. I was “discovered” at a very early age. We were living in Misawa, Japan when I finally was old enough to attend school. My first grade teacher Mrs. Schimdthammer (really!) or as we called her “Smithhammer” enjoyed singing with us on occasion. One fine morning she annouced that we would have the chance to perform at the school´s next “Open House”. The parents and kids of the entire school would have the opportunity to see all the different classrooms, and there would be refreshments and music in the auditorium. She began to teach us a song for this special event. At one point during the lesson, Mrs Schmidthammer stopped us. “Who just sang that second harmony voice?” she exclaimed. A few of the kids pointed at me. “Adrienne!!” They were sure I was going to get into trouble. I was too! “Can you do that again?” she asked. I repeated my harmony. She said: well, young lady, I want you to do that everytime we sing this song. This is your special solo part!” I was six years old and unknowingly on my way to become an arrangeur and songwriter! Next time: my first collaboration plus a brand new song!

This particular Song “Shouldn´t I” was created especially for Mr. Andreas Schulz. This music video is from Mr. Thomas Minnik – our first official music video ever made. I was touring with a singing group throughout Germany and France, and I had few friends to call; well, there weren´t many friends that I could call late nights after performing. Andreas was one of my first “loves” here in Europe. I didn´t own a handy, so I would go out nights searching for telephone booths. With my telephone card, I would call him up and make reports, or cry or complain. He took it all in stride. By the time the tour ended, I realized he would never love me as I loved him. On the road back home I began to write out this whole experience of me seaching for telephone booths. Wondering if Andreas would be home to answer the phone. Hence, the birth of “Shouldn´t I”.

“Why is it that everytime I see a telephone I want to call you up? Is it that I think that you´re alone? Is it that I like talking to you on the phone? // I´m sure that it´s time that I start to get over needing you – shouldn´t I? I´m sure that it´s time that I start to get over you, shouldn´t I?” from Shouldn´t I, Words & Music by A.Morgan Hammond

(from my book/blog with the working Title: Adrienne Morgan Hammond: My Life As A Diva)

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