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I´ve been living out my dreams now – wait. First of all: Hi. I´m on a journey. It´s pretty much the same journey for all of us, isn´t it? We come on the planet, grow up, make plans, live and eventually die… the cycle of life as we perceive it. As I get older, I find myself reflecting and questioning more and more. What did I set out to do as a child, and am I truly living the life I wanted to lead? And if so, has it been about getting recognized for the choices I´ve made? If you ask me today, I would say I´ve spent a great deal of my life running and hiding. Being afraid but trying to seem tough and courageous. True courage comes with telling the truth about who you are, am I right? So, let me start being courageous again. Or just stop hiding. To hide one´s light is actually something sinful if you believe in that sort of thing.

My name is Adrienne Morgan Hammond. I was born to entertain, as my mother puts it. I have a few talents, one of which is to compose songs. I´m now actively putting my songs “out there”. I know I waited long enough, right? I have recorded three albums; one and a half with interpretations of songs I enjoy singing and one with just compositions of my own creation. (For So Long, recorded entirely on our own…) “The Part Of Me That Is You” asks the universal questions: ‘Is it really You? Who picks me up each and everytime I fall?’ meaning is there really a Deity? Someone or some force existing out of our realm of reality that swoops in and helps every time we stumble and fall? I was rasied to believe so. And since my roots are in the christian doctrine, I am a believer. But I am also a rebel. I don´t belong to any donimation. I just know in my heart what I believe and I try to live my life accordingly.

So let´s just call this: The Chapter of my life as a Songwriter or: The Part of Me that writes songs. If you´ve visited my YouTube Channel or my Homepage recently, you´ve heard a bit of my song called “The Part Of Me That Is You”. This song was composed nearly 20 years ago. The part of my life when I truly began to explore music projects that would allow me to compose. With the help of some wonderful musicians, I started looking into creating my own songs. My husband Marco has played an important role. He´s pretty much the reason why I can write as I do – he´s the piano man. I sing to him or play the bass line and he helps me build my songs around this. Others have helped as well, Andreas Schulz, Klaus Tenner, Gerd Mersch, Rolf Hildebrand and Rudolf Behrens just to name a few. But there will be more time to elaborate and more stories to come.

(from my Book/Blog with the working Title: Adrienne Morgan Hammond: My Life As A Diva)

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