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More about: Me. Part III - I write the Songs, I write Songs!

I was born to sing! I started thinking about arrangements in the first grade as I mentioned last blog.

My first singing audtion came along in the fifth grade at a progessive school on the Philippine Islands. My father was an Air Force Officer, and we travelled the world with him. (Thank you for that, Daddy! What an amazing time…) We were stationed at Clark Air Base; at first we lived in a huge house “off base”. I was sent to attend Virgil I. Grissom Elementary School where I learned a great deal about entertaining in general. We had a rigorious study plan plus two electives – meaning we could sign up for after school activities. Since I was not a very athletic person, music and the performng arts suited me well. In fact, my English teacher made it a point to have us give speeches on a regular basis. Once the subject “What do you want to be when you grow up?” came along, well of course I gave my speech on becoming a singer one day. News spread quickly through the school channels, and before I could say: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, I had the chance to audtion for the school musical. I sang soprano. I chose a moving ballad, and practised daily (driving my sisters and mother insane of course!). The singing part of the audtion went extremely well. I bombed out on the reading for a role part though. ( Thank you for the “aww, poor thing!” comments, everyone!!) First musical ever: HMS Pinafore!

I later got a part in the Christmas Musical and delivered a few lines this time around. And then it happened: I met a fellow performer by the name of Emily. She had me do a duet with her, much to the diasppointment of my BFF at that time (whose name escapes me…Anita??) Anyways and in the sixth grade, I got my first chance to compose together with Emily. We not only wrote our graduation song – it was a big thing to leave the elementary school to attend middle school – we got to teach this number from classroom to classroom until every sixth grader could perform this song in their sleep. The sad thing that happened? I never got to participate in the final performance of my first collaboration because my father retired abuptly. We moved back to the states one week before the graduation ceremony. (Another round of “aww poor thing”, if you don´t mind. Thank You!)

I´m jumping here just a bit to the year 2012. I´m still collaborating, this time with acouple of cool friends of mine. Two cool dudes – Armin & Henry from “Liebe Deine Welt Marketing GmbH” began a super project. They went looking for sponsors to plant magnola trees throughout Cologne. One day Armin comes to me and my husband and asks if we might want to help him create a song for the project. “Sure thing!” Some years later, the project ended, but not before we planted a tree together and(!) went out on a beautiful spring day to film this crazy music Video! As announced: here comes our Tribute to Spring!!! Ladies and Gentlemen we now present: “Power To The Flower”!!!!! Enjoy.

Next blog: My first television performance!!

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