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Blog IV - More About Me: “You got picked to be on TV!”

The comments that used to bother me such as: „Do you always have to be on stage?“ or “Why can´t you just be normal – why are you always performing?” suddenly found new meaning once it became clear to me that this what-ever-it-is about me is actually just my gifts from the universe. I was born to be on stage, as my mother put it many (many!!) years ago. Now that I´m reflecting, it does appear to be the truth. And that´s nothing to be ashamed or afraid of for that matter! Isn´t it a sin to hide one´s light anyways – if you believe that sort of thing?

I first “performed” at the tender age of 3 going on 4. Just one line in my sister Valda´s Christmas play at the elementary school in Misawa Japan. Two years later, I got noticed as a singing prodigy who could not only hold a tune, but could also hear and hold a harmony line without any help (thank you Großvater Thomas!) Then it happened: my big television debut! Japan really liked me J . I was now in the second grade, improving on my writing skills, trying to learn how to add and subtract fractions and just generally learning about life in general when my teacher gave me a letter to take home. I was instructed not to open it myself. Being the worrier that I was, I was petrified. A letter from the teacher could only mean something terribly wrong – either I was not performing up to the standards set or there was no hope that I would ever amount to anything in life. _Why is everything always so dramatic at that age??_ By the time I got home, I was completely convinved that my life was over. I cried my eyes out while handing the letter over to my mother, trying to apologize between sobs. “Oh, Adrienne! Stop crying for heaven´s sake! You got picked to be on TV!!” Because it was so long ago you guys, I´m not sure which show it was…but I believe it was called “Romper Room”?

What I do remember: the show´s concept was to have kids from different schools and backgrounds as “guests”. We were interviewed shortly, we played games and competed with one another, we read out of a book together and watched a couple of short cartoons. My Mother asked me what did I want to wear, and as a typical Diva I asked for a new dress – nach der Motto: nothing that I allready have is good enough for television! Luckily for me, my Mother was a seamstress, so we went shopping for material to make a new dress. I chose the color orange (which is part of my corporate identity nowadays!) and my mother created a jumper-dress with a beautiful white blouse. With my “mickey mouse” hairdo, we took a bus and a cab to get to the studio. In the meantime, my father took my sisters to the neighbours house to watch the show together. How did it go? Wonderfully! My Team and I did poorly during the sports activity, but I was selected as best reader. I do remember walking around on cloud nine for weeks after! A (mini) star was born.

Next time: my best role and most embarassing role – in the early years!

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