01 - For So Long
02 - Good Intentions
03 - Because Of You
04 - If You
05 - I Heard
06 - Reach Out
07 - Rainy Days
08 - Shouldn't I
09 - I Mattered Too
10 - Part Of Me
11 - My Kelly Song
12 - A Little Girl

13 - Where You Find Home
14 - Outside
15 - It's OK
16 - Where You Find Home (unplugged)

CD: For So Long ... again

  • Some songs come quickly... some take their time. Some require tragic circumstances, while others prefer the tranquility of a train ride along the Rhine River from Cologne to Frankfurt in Germany. I worte my first song at the tender age of 12...! It's been many years since my album "It's Me", but this album is really ME. My words and melodies (except "Rainy Days") and I hope you will enjoy them.

    Auf dieser limitierten Tour-Pressung befinden sich drei neue Songs. Zwei der Titel sind an wunderbaren Orten in Italien und auf Kreta entstanden. Very inspiring! Thank you, Europe! Blessings from the Diva!

    All songs written by Adrienne Morgan Hammond (except "Rainy Days"; co-written by Andreas Schulz)
    Arrangements by Adrienne Morgan Hammond & The Working Divas
    Backings: Gerda Kampschoer, Stefan Steglich & Adrienne Morgan Hammond.
    The Working Divas: Adrienne Morgan Hammond (vocals), Marco Morgan Hammond (piano), Rudolf Behrend (bass), Rolf Hildebrand (drums) & Klaus Tenner (flute, sax & organ)

    Artwork & Foto: Bernd A. Hartwig
    Recording & Mix: Stefan Deistler

    Bonus-Tracks recorded by Adrienne Morgan Hammond & Marco Morgan Hammond at the "Roof Top Studio", Köln-Nippes.

    All rights reserved - A Morgan Hammond Thing, Köln (2009-2014)

© 2017 by A Morgan Hammond Thing​

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